Quiz 57, Mission 2016, 11 may 2016

1. Why does Karnataka receive more rainfall than Maharashtra and Kerala? 1. Mountain topography in Karnataka is broader than the narrow topography of the Ghats in Maharashtra while Kerala has isolated mountains in the Western Ghats 2. Mountains in Karnataka are steeply sloping, compared to the … Continue reading

Quiz 55, Mission 2016, 9 May 2016

1. Which of the following statements is/are correct regarding Kheda Satyagraha of 1918? 1. The demand of the Satyagraha was to reduce the untimely increase of land revenue. 2. Gandhiji undertook fast unto death to support the Satyagraha. 3. The government finally agreed to the demands and reduced … Continue reading

Quiz 54, Mission 2016, 8 May 2016

1. What was the reason for emergence of the Nehru Report? (a) it came as a response to the appointment of Simon Commission. (b) it came as a reaction to the defeat of the Public Safety Bill in 1928 in the Central Legislative Assembly. (c) it was brought to popularize the adoption of ' Purna Swaraj' … Continue reading