Download Compilation of All Editorial Discussion, 2017 9

Compilation of Editorial Discussion, 2017
Month   Link For Downloading
January  Download Here.
February  Download Here.
March  Download Here.
April  Download Here.
May  Download Here.
June  Download Here.
July  Download Here.
August  Download Here.
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  • yogender

    Sir please provide prelims booster compilation also….its better for gap filling..

  • Ahmad

    Please write the topics/article headings in the subject/name of the video so that we can search it whenever we want to get some points on any current topic.

  • Amresh Shrivastava

    sir plz provide compilation of editorial of september

  • Jatin Aggarwal

    sir plz provide compilation of editorial of september 2017

  • Vikas Kumar

    Sir it’s a very humble request , Please provide Sep editorial compilation and also provide Preelims booster Compilation !!

  • Sourav Mazumdar

    Sir apart from the regular The Hindu newspaper discussion video ppts can you also provide the ppts of lecture videos ??

  • Pratiksha

    please provide September, October and November editorial pdf compilation.
    big thanks

  • Sachin Garg

    Sir, Please provide September compilation also!!!
    Thank you

  • Entelechy

    For those who solve Insights and Ias Baba test series