International organizations Quiz, New Initiative 7

This is most important topic form UPSC Prelim perspective, Every Year they ask 4-5 questions form this topic. No alone book covers, what is important form exam’s point of view.One is here by Kuldeep Fadia. Internet is best source to prepare this topic.

So what we have decided to conduct one quiz daily on any one organization, we will give you organization name, you read that and next day you would find the quiz comprising 3-4 questions of that organization.In this way, we would cover all the organizations.

You need not to do the P.H. D on any topic, Just read what is important form exam’s point of view like

  1. Date of formation
  2.  Member name, number
  3. Any recent declaration
  4. Recently where held
  5. Purpose
  6. Any other news regarding that

If possible, make the notes or mind map, so that it can be helpful before the exam time.

Like the previous initiative, you can also contribute your questions here.

So first topic, you have to read is Ashgabat Agreement

You are also requested to participate by commenting and telling the other aspirants any important information, you are aware of,or by clearing the doubt of others. Always remember, by discussing the things with the others, you remember it for longer time.

So, please discuss in the comment section and share this initiative with your friends also.


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