Pub Ad Answer Writing, 26 February 2016 3

Answer in 200 words:

Question 1 – “Public Administration today stands at the crossroads of public choice theory, pluralism, corporatism and elitism”. Discuss

Question 2 – “In the last three decades, almost all countries of the world have experienced transformations in their administrative systems”. Explain this phenomenon with examples from the developed and the developing nations in the context of New Public Management Movement.

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  • Mare

    Very nice initiative . I will do participate soon.

  • punit rawat

    Hello sir! Please wo jo new news discussion wale sir hai unhe please boliye pahle ek baar khud padh le then discuss kare otherwise wo energy nahi aa pati jo aap me hai, atak atak ke padhate hai, poora mood kharab ho jata hai.

  • iqbal

    Please make a video on static gk