Opinion Builder, 23 February 2016 2

What should be done to Improve the status of higher education in India? How to make it more industry friendly?

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  • A major cause of unemployment in India is the quality of human resource, which is unable to cope up with the current demands of various industries.At present, educated students are there, but they do not have the skills needed by the industrial world and hence they remain jobless.
    1. Our Institutes and Universities should have global level syllabus, than only they can compete with other world class Universities.

    2.Vocational training is needed so that no one remains unemployed.
    3.Students should be exposed to Industries at early level.
    4. quality education should be given for the development of skills.

  • meoww

    education is the major factor which decided the quality of human resource of a country and gives direction to development of country. Indian higher educational system needs robust reforms to make it more industry friendly and rather more useful to country:
    1. the educational infrastructure should be reformed.
    2. higher studies should be made more practical based and less theory based. On field training should be essential part of curriculum.
    3. collaboration with industries should be encouraged, and system whereby industries should impart training to students should be brought under Corporate social responsibility.