Day 6, Opinion Builder with Hint, 20 February 1

With more and more cases coming to limelight in which governor role is controversial in the states, and against the spirit of federalism, Do you support governor post should  be altogether abolished ?

Point in favour of Abolishing

  • No practical work done, only namesake post ( Hoist flag on 26 January and remember N.D tiwari )
  • Misuse of this post by central government for its vested  interest in state politics( Remember recent Arunachal Pradesh case)
  • Hindrance and blockade in work of state government
  • Against the people will as they are non elected.
  • Even after the recommendations of Punchi commission, Sarkaria commission,for appointment  political affiliation is only qualification.
  • Removal also always remain controversial even after judgment of Supreme court in 2010.
  • Ambiguous discretionary powers.
  • Post is burden on taxpayers money





Points against abolishing

  • Link between union and states.
  • Bring uniformity in our federal system like all India Civil services.
  • It checks separatist tendencies, consider the situation in J and K, if governor is not present there, guess if state govt. itself evolves the separate tendencies.
  • Certainly we need the post of governor during emergency situations also.
  • Making such logics, president post will also be irrelevant.




The purpose of this whole initiative is to build your opinion, you must learn interlinking the issue and make your opinion concrete, write your opinion on this issue.


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  • Ramesh

    our constitution framers given governor as nominal head of state constitutional post . governor should be impartial in safeguarding the constitution in the state but nowadays governors of the states becomes the agents of ruling governments as we have seen recent days news like in Arunachal pradesh etc.. he/she is also immune to certain civil or criminal procedures. however parliament cannot take immediate action on governor also . nowadays co-operative federalism in india is declining b cos of the lack in maintaining proper constitutional machineries in state. Our country is vast and it maintains the UNITY in DIVERSITY in this context the post of governor plays main role in unifying the states. however the controversial involvement of governors can be stopped by creating awareness among them, stringent laws should be brought in order to awake them even they cant escape from law, instead of abolishing the post of governor creation of deputy governor in order to smooth conduction of constitutional process in state if governor found to be guilty.also making rules that governor should not be of political background instead he/she must be from civil soceity / persons who closely work with common people.