thanku sir the hindu ko hindi me discussion karene ke liye sir mai hindi midium ka student hu aur sir aap se request hai ki aap ethics ke sath sath environment ka bhi video hindi me available karaye

  • Vineet

    Thank u sir as you are putting lot of efforts to make it easier for all aspirants ..as u did cover the world map I would say we can go for India map aa same covering each state with important geographical terms such as rivers , mountains and hills ,sanctuary delta , plataue and so on…

  • Angela

    Hello sir
    As you have covered international institutions N world map,please consider the following if possible to fit in daily Current affairs
    Environmental national news and conventions
    India map state wise political and physical 29 states
    Science and technology new initiative like lifi ,project loon
    Important international agreements 2016 to 2017

  • vishesh

    Sir, it would be better to discuss
    1)international relations with India with each country daily, then
    2)Latest updated on Science & Technology(One day IT, other day Biology,etc), then
    3)Art and culture

  • Pratik Tambe

    Sir, teaching is awesome.
    Today’s Environmental organisation :- IUCN – based on it, the question is already asked in 2015’s UPSC Prelim exam.

  • Pratik Tambe

    Sir, after finishing the science and technology. You can start The Centre For Cultural Resources (CCRT).

  • Priyanka Tambe

    Sir your vedios related to editorials and premium perspective was very much benefited to me..and thank u so much…keep it up

  • Ankita Singh

    Thank u for all your the efforts. Can you please make a video for the guidance of 2018 preparation for first timers. I would be very helpful..

  • kunal kishore

    Guru ji , Guru ji.. ????

  • karmjeet raj

    sir would you like to discuss yozna magzine of july months bcz it contain very good information regarding social security ,GS paper -1