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322 thoughts on “FEEDBACK


    Sir, initially I want to give you a lot of thanks for daily Editorial Analysis from the paper The Hindu. If possible then you may analyze both The Hindu and The Indian Express editorial in a compressed manner then should be more likely as well as fruitful for us, I think.

  • Amol Jadhav

    Sir can we have analysis of Yojna in straight one hour video …………….if possible

    however it will be in once in month

  • Manoj

    Please type the notes instead of writting in the videos of analysis of the hindu’s editorial like you did it on 3rd november video. It will make the videos more attractive and nice for us. please do it.

    Thank you for your efforts.
    Keep doing it.

  • Sadakchap


    I regularly watch your editorial videos on YouTube. They are informative and lucid.
    I have subscribed to your test series as well by after opening the Test forum I do not see any tests. All tabs i.e. Market, Available, Upcoming, are all empty.
    Please clarify if I have missed anything.

  • Poo

    Hello sir ….I watch daily editorial vedio.I want to suggest that try to write the points like you are answering a proper question.the way you provide the pdf is not that helpful because we can screenshot these slides easily so what is the need of pdf ……in pdf file try to write complete lines so that we can take out the print out and revise that easily. many points are not self explanatory and we won’t be able to remember it ………so this is my humble request to you …….please write complete lines like in Background:-every points including the points which are related to background in articles should be covered.
    Recent important pionts:-cover every point which is important from exam piont of view.
    Issues:-every issue under its own heading should be covered like issues of humans,issues of government, issues of provate bodies ect so that we will be able to link them properly and at last.
    Suggestions:-every suggestion which is given in article should be covered .
    So there must me 4 or 5 heading in your expaination and everything which is given in article must be written under these heading accordingly. …………..I hope you understand sir …….will be waiting for you reply

  • Simran Kaur

    Sir, you are doing a good job. i appriciate you but there is a request regarding editorial disscussion… That plz frame a question at the end.. So that we can write and more conceptual clearity will be there

  • sandeep sheoran

    RESPECTED SIR,(Saviour of Life)
    Sir you are doing a great job by making videos on The Hindu editorial. Now it becomes easier for us to read and understand the newspaper in less time. I request you to continue the course and please sir if possible make another video to explain the rest of the newspaper, This is my humble request sir but if time permits than only do it sir, its a request only.
    Thanking you ,
    Sandeep Sheoran

  • sanket ashokrao patil

    Sir preliminary exam ke to Sirf questions le and vahi discusse karenge.m means everyday Jo news aayenge us par aap questions banakar usaki information video Bhi chhoti banegi.and Indian express ke editorial discuss Karen he mains ke liye.and per week paper 4 ka case study Karen he.its my humble request sir

  • Mayank Mishra

    Hello Sir,
    I want a favour from ur side to accomplish my preparation in best way… Please clear me the following points :
    1) for prelims and mains 2017 from which month to which month with suffice to follow.
    1)Big-picture Article
    2) insight mind map
    3)Insight secure article
    4) Vision monthely CA Notes

  • Yogesh sharma

    sir,u r doing a great job for hindi medium students..thanks for that..ur all initiatives r gud n idea of adding ethics with daily news is also gud..sir if its possible can u start a daily answer writing (like vad-vavad) with modal answer in hindi so tht we can check we r on a right way or not

  • Yogesh sharma

    Sir..ur history initiative is great…ncert book padhna bahut boring apka ancient history padhane ka tarika intrestng is initiative ko continue rakhe…thank u

  • mausam

    As the lectures are really helpful.
    I would request you to pleas start Economic and Social development topic as well for better understanding of the topics.

    Thank you for the help provided through this channel.


    sir i have subscribed ur channel..regular viewer best for prelims and main 2017..its like everything under the sun is under only for al…no other reference material required…explanation is very idea if can discuss some prs india updates and some defense open forum like wasner arrengment,NSG,MTCR,Australia Arrengment etc

  • Deepika Yadav

    Gud morning sir!
    Please enlighten me how i can prepare my optional subject that is sociology. I am btech graduate n preparing for 2017 attempt. I regularly follow your videos and it is helping like anything. Is it possible to have simple lecture videos like urs on sociology. Kindly guide me.
    [email protected]

  • Srishti Singla

    Respected sir, you are doing awesome work . thank you…..i am following your the hindu editorial discussion from September.
    Sir i feel the discussions have become very lengthy with same elaboration as before. initially they were 25-30 min long now extended to 40 on average. i would request you to limit time which make it more regular listening if possible. thank you

    • sumitrew

      ok, but Hindu is getting completed in first 25-30 minutes only, if some times it exceeds the 25-30, i would take care.

  • Ankit Saxena

    Hi ,

    I am little bit confused over the age limit and number of attempt of general.

    Some source says 4 attempts and 30 max age and some says 6 attempts with 32 yr max age.

    Where to find the authentic one ?

  • Ankit Saxena

    Hi ,

    Can you please start a test series based on your NEWS DISCUSSION focusing on prelims ?

    I am following you since November , you can start a series from there or whatever you feel is good for us.


  • Sarvesh Ojha

    Hi Team,

    Everything is good even more than that also, except your website, experiences pointing out:

    – unorganized content sharing- example – assume I want to download any past date Hindu Ed Discussion PDF then I have to search it in sequential manner, some time its quite hard to finding it out. Suggestion- categorize it on monthly basis and in sub section share the PDFs date-wise or any other way which you think more user friendly.

    – Rendering Problem – Mostly I observe it on Chrome Browser

    – Website Search Option – I understand it is not good to expect result like Google, but at least somewhat relevant result we should expect. Suggestion – its better to provide input keyword selection suggestion whenever anyone hover or click on search box .

    – This request might be more but if possible, its good and helpful for aspirants like me, if you guys provide detailed monthly news report.

    Thanks your all your help. Cheers ..!!!

  • ashish

    sir, PDF of internal security and history are awaited..please upload it soon…thanks for you effort…

  • Sadakchap

    You can start any of the following:
    1. Environmental Treaties/Conventions
    2. Facts from Economic Survey (when it comes out in Feb.)
    3. Other organisations of which India is a part or signatory to pacts/conventions
    4. Terms in News – some peculiar terms/words can be grouped separately and discussed
    5. Prelims questions
    6. Polity questions

    We are really thankful to you for your efforts and appreciate what you are doing.

  • Suraj Chikara

    Sir India ka map aur Commission like human right n bodies start kr dijiye bht confusion rhta h inme plz

  • Suraj Chikara

    Sir India ka map aur Commission like human right n bodies start kr dijiye bht confusion rhta h inme plz..

  • puneet Sharma

    sir more focus on economic basics and geography basic based on prelims..and make separate video for schemes/yojana sepecially started by pm Modi if possible, secondy sir i would suggest make separate video for science and technology , environment , international news and etc only based on prelims.. which will be very easy to everyone to excess and revision point of view.

  • vishal singh

    sir we can discuss all the environment summits till PARIS SUMMIT 2015…….one by one and India initiatives on them

  • Budhi Narayan

    some statics question those are recent in news’s like venture capital,el nino,carbon footprint,flyais, economic and environment both static portion if possible

  • Deepti

    Hello Sir, Good morning. first of all, Thank you so much for your guidance and effort. Sir apki way of teaching achchi hai. Sir, please start one Environment current or static part topic covering from June 2016 on wards with exàms questions or GC Leong one chapter on daily basis or One chapter in 1-2 days .Sir please India ki mapping bi Start kr dijiye. You can take 10-15 min more . Thanks alot Sir.

  • Aspirant

    Sir, Aap India Maps and Environment Treaties/bodies/coventions start kar skte hain aur saath hi saath previous months k current affairs daily basis pe continue rakh skte hain.

  • Sunaina Thareja

    sir can you please in one of the video discuss about NPT, NSG and MTCR in relation to India? We know separately about each one of them but can you INTERLINK and tell it with reference to India??
    and for daily discussion map of India can be done or you can directly take up the current affairs….


    Hi sir,
    STRATEGY 1: Please include 5 min ethics topic in news discussion,means overview of one topic of ethics syllabus , because if we do it in that manner at the end of month we will done with 2.30 hr lecture on ethics , your previous Idea of including 5 min ethics discussion is very good please continue with it sir…because what happens it is always remains pending and pending, and we read the book in the revision time, also its my humble request to you to continue with that stratergy..

    STRATEGY 2: We can also discuss chapter of Indian polity like president, PM,cabinet committes,supreme court overview so we can done with it in 5-10 mins

    STRATEGY 3:- We can again discuss the political maps from africa but this time with Narendra modi’s visits to different parts of the world and its motive ,agreements signed etc.

    STRATEGY 4:- We can also discuss economic survey of previous year day by day.

    STRATEGY 5:- I came to know that yojana,kurukshtra,chronical and wizard yhese are important magzines for preparation so we can also discuss one magzine per week in news discussion for 5 min.and tgen revising whole news discussiin with 1 magzine per week so that our current affair will become more strong…
    thank you Sir 🙂

  • Mehul Patel

    Hi Sir, As you always ask us about different bodies which are in News, I would like to suggest and request you to start with Some Constitutional and Statutory Bodies which are important with respect to exam point of view. Other good option might be to start another video series on Ethics with 20-30 min and save your time instead of adding something in your Prelim News Discussion videos.

  • Ram Gopal Bheel

    Daily news..
    Koi bhi ek question or usake sath answer ke sabhi points disscuss ho skte h …sath m mains bhi hota rahega
    Aap question to puchh lete ho mains ka , ham ans. Bhi likhte h per kitna sahi h ye pta hi ni chalata..

  • Antima Jain

    you start
    1.yojana from july to december
    2.pib from june to december
    3.rajya sabha science topic discussion and culture
    5.environment schemes and mcq
    6.previous paper questions


  • Mahendra Gulve

    Sir, Mapping session is very important… Please Include world mapping with India mapping… If not possible daily basis then please explain at the end of week. Here in Reading library near about 200 students watch your lectures in daily. Thank you Sir for your great efforts.

  • Dheeraj Chauhan

    Very good work keep it up….i would suggest that you can add education times along with eco politcal weekly articles(magzine)..and give more time to last year current affairs as it would boost marks scoring in pre along with mains…and one more thing we can start revising standard must books like gc Leong ,spectrum and laxmikant.

  • Sharad Jain

    Thank you very much for your efforts sir,i suffered an eye injury and couldn’t read small texts of paper ,your lectures came as a boon in such a time,thank you very much 🙂
    i would like to suggest that along with daily news discussion,please make a monthly summary if possible and your time permit.thank you very much

  • akash sisodiya

    according to me we can discuss environmental related topics, issues and policy in short words. Because environment topic se bhot questions aate hai UPSC mai.
    and same way indian mapping bhi kabhi-2 sath mai discuss krte rhna.
    Thank you!

  • tyrion lannister

    Sir, we can discuss everyday one mains topic like today communalism, tomorrow regionalism etc…

  • Rushikesh Solao

    Sir please aap IR start kro because ye b current k sath links hota hai or exactly kya padhana hai wahi samaj nhi ata sir.

  • Jyoti

    Gd evening sir,
    Sir, pls strt discussion on ethics. Nd i would like to sugst u to give us a topic(like from polity, economy, geography etc.) in monday morning nd thn u will ask question frm tht topic( prelims and mains point of view ) at the end of week. I think it helps us a lot.

  • Abhishek Shrivastava

    national park,wild life century,bird century,wet lands,tiger reserve ke
    bare me discuss kariye.

  • Aashu Singh

    art n culture start kr do sir jst for UPSC perseptive ….hopefully 15-20 din m aap khatm bhi kr doge . ur guiding style s 2 good sir. ap jo bhi guide karoge sb sahi hi hoga

  • Anurag Srivastava

    Hi mate ,
    My suggestion regarding news discussion is we can include –
    1)International Convention related to Environment like- UNFCCC,CBD,Kyoto,Montreal,Vienna,Nagoya,etc.
    2)Climate of world like Tropical,temperate mediterranean,China type etc.
    3)UN world heritage sites (Global and indian)
    4)Festivals,dances and important tribes with respect to states.


  • will power

    Sir Mapping ko ak fir sa karta ha hum taki revise acha sa ho jaya or hum Modern India ma jitna bhi ACTs ha jasa pitts india act,charter act Govt, of india act 1909,1919,1935 etc jitna bhi ha unha ak ak kar ka dilya basis par start kar sakta ha. isii tarah hum har governor general ko bhi daily basis par discuss kar sakta ha jo jo major events unka tenure ma hua ha

  • karnita

    sir prelims point of view polity k daily ek topic jaise sc k judge ki appointment..cag…parliamentary committee…ek ek topic kar sakte hai

  • Abhinav Sharma

    Science and tech’s one technology
    Or economy’s one concept or one or two articles of Constitution per discussion.

  • Naresh Kumar Sharma

    being favourite topic of upsc pl start international conventions on environment and steps taken in conformity by the government of india some ponts are also valuable suggested by Mr.Anurag srivastav such as My suggestion regarding news discussion is we can include –
    1)International Convention related to Environment like- UNFCCC,CBD,Kyoto,Montreal,Vienna,Nagoya,etc.
    2)Climate of world like Tropical,temperate mediterranean,China type etc.
    3)UN world heritage sites (Global and indian)
    4)Festivals,dances and important tribes with respect to states.
    what we statrt it should be interlinked and should be continued with consistency

  • Truth

    Sir if possible in daily Hindu……. Just start economics terms or polity terms relate example……….. Inflation , deflation, recession , Philip’s curve , cut motion , motion of thanks……….. Plz if………… Take in consideration

  • Harish Patel

    Sir ..invironment se related terms ka explanations , environment organisations, environment summit …..etc …start kar sakte hain ..kyuki har saal questions aane hi aane hain ..

  • lycan

    sir month wise current ka quiz bana dijiye. ya phir physical geography ke various concepts along with visuals …. dat wld be good at this time.

  • Shwi Rahul Sansanwal

    as we all know .. mains have a much more role in whole exam structure ……… many of aspirants fails due to less skill of answer writing ,even they have knowledge … i hope sir u can understand what i mean to say its my request u to tell us about how we can learn to write a effective and marks gaining anwer for hindi medium aspirants …………………………..

  • Ajay Sisodiya

    2 ya 3 din mein ‘World ki important Straits” discuss kar sakte hai Sir !!
    aur Ethics discussion ka koi plan banao !!

  • Mihir

    Sir please start following Topic with map

    1.National Park…
    2.Biosphere reserve
    4.Regional bodies

    5.Environmental laws

    Mrunal lecture
    Exam fear
    Current Affairs

    If you daily say something on these topic it will help us in great way..

    बाकी आपके सारे video बहुत अच्छे हैं!
    पहले पेपर पढ़ने और चीजो को ग्रेप्स करने मे 3-4 घंटे लगते थे l अब वो Time reduce हो गया है l


    Sir, thanx. Please start Indian Polity chapterwise discussions that can be covered within 5 minutes everyday.

  • kaushki nanda

    economic survey , budget aany wala hai.. so i think.. discussing important aspects of them in chunks in daily discussion will be very helpful in prelims as well as in mains.

    besides this sir please start india year book series , the way u have started history and security series. that will also be useful..


    India year book chapter discuss in parts as complete in 5min . Priliem focus more along with mains touch. Question from India year book directly ask in priexam.

  • supath mohile

    Sir if Possible Then Kindly do again start Mapping & International Organization with new features you can add Indian century & biodiversity, national park…

    Because this is not play ek baar dekha revisions kia had ho gayaa….baar baar dekhenge tab dimag me pura set ho jaega

  • Alok Kumar

    Can you cover some Economy topics like CRR, repo rate, MCLR mostly the standard terms. I think it can be covered in few minutes.

  • Old Monk

    First let me clear this suggestion is not a reply to what you asked on 21st jan 2017.Hearty thank you for such nice initiative of ancient history series. I have one suggestion can you please tell your friend to cover at least one location of the map (optional paper Q1 carries 50 marks ) and art and culture. One more thing everyday I write answers to your ques but thing is that I am going to write my mains in Marathi so when I do writing practice I use Marathi only, so its a kind request please provide model ans to those ques,not exact answers but at least key points or other dimensions and previous CA references.
    ……………………………….Below I am asking way big thing…………………….
    Start with other series as well with HELP OF YOUR FRIENDS if you can, i know here i am expecting too much but still start if you can. Videos dekh ke hi jyada padha jata hai normal book se toh as you explain it very well. I started preparing for UPSC since jan only. I am still confuse with books and i am sure many people like me will be there, even you might have gone through this phase in the beginning ,your series could be great remedy for this problem.
    We still have 147 days for prelims. 100 or 120 days max pakde bhi then har din 1 hr lect for each paper. Then 4 hrs lect (pre+mains) ,40+25 min news discussion, 2 hrs self revision of everything(on your own) . Then normal and working people like us also, can give 7 hrs of day. Yes !! this is possible !! But not by single person, if you ASK YOUR FRIENDS to help you. For your friends it will be revision and for us it will be another good source for preparation.

  • Bababhakt

    Sir please 2 3 min ka culture pada dijiye daily

    Further sir monthly compilation ya 15 days ya weekly compilations upload kar dijiyeee please.


    Sir, can u start discussion of pre focus news from Yojana magazine .? One chapter daily

  • Late latif

    Request to Onli Ias team—>In daily editorial ppts please decrease the content and only add keywords under different heading. so that it will be easy for you and for us while also..We usually take notes from your videos

  • Harish Patel

    Sir …prelims history ke last 3 lectures ki pdf bhi upload kar dijia…aur internal security ki bhi ..

  • Deepak Sharma

    You are doing a great job, but one thing i noticed that you had pronunciated xi like ji but it is actually shi or si.sorry bhai bura lage toh hum se aap bohot aage ho. Keep it up…
    Ek aur cheez wo yeh ki aap ki speed phle se bohot tez ho gayi hai isliye hum kai baar samjh nhi aapte aur kai baar aap bhi kuch point skip kar jaate ho, but koi nahi aap jaisa chaho karo aap ki marzi and thnks for sharing a lot of experience.

  • monu garg

    Sir ye sari details English me hai hum jo hindi se tayari kr rhe h unke liye bhi koi tips dijiye
    Accha sir ye ‘the hindu’ bhi english se hi aata h. Hindi wale students usko apne se usko samajhne me utne comfort nhi h jitne english wale hai, aap bahot accha explain kr rhe h yhi pattern barkarar rkhe ya isko or hindi friendly banate huye explain kare sir plz.

  • DSP

    Hi sir, suggestions for daily CA videos: we can cover one month CA in one week time, like we start from August: one day each for different sections. Like 1 day polity news, one day Interrnational relations, environment, social issues, and other miscellaneous clubbed together. Focussed more on revision.

  • Parveen Saini


  • mahesh shankar valvi

    how to download pdf plz tell me when i click on download icon it doesnot start downloadin or print

  • Late latif

    Global Competitive Index-WEF (World Economic Forum)
    Travel & Tourism Index -WEF
    Environmental Performance Index -WEF
    Global Information Index- WEF
    Global gender gap -WEF

  • Late latif

    Oxfam- international non-governmental aid organization(NGO)
    Function of Oxfam- works on trade justice, fair trade, education, debt and aid, livelihoods, health, HIV/AIDS, gender equality, conflict (campaigning for an international arms trade treaty) and natural disasters, democracy and human rights, and climate change.

  • girish gandhe

    sir daily Current Affairs pai que bhi start karo to idea bhi mil jayegi.or practice bhi hogi.
    News Discussion video mai.

  • Suraj Chikara

    Sir kal 27 jan ko news paper nhi aya to july ki current discuss kr dena kal ya 12 January ki current 🙂 🙂

  • Arun

    Sir withe respect to your video on prelims focus news discussion dated 26 January 2017, you said that the paris agreement will come into force into 2020 i.e when Kyoto protocol ends. But sir to my knowledge Kyoto and Paris agreement have no connection. Paris agreement come into force once 55countries causing 55% GHGs emissions ratify the Agreement which has already happened and Paris agreement has been implemented.

  • Daenerys

    Hello Sir,
    I have been religiously following your videos for Prelims 2017. Please don’t stop the coverage of previous month’s current affairs i.e, July, August, September, October, November, December. It would be a great help.

    Thanks & Regards.

  • Daenerys

    Hello Sir,
    I have been religiously following your videos for Prelims 2017. Please don’t stop the coverage of previous month’s current affairs i.e, July, August, September, October, November, December. It would be a great help.

    Thanks & Regards.

  • yogesh varma

    sir koi conventional study mat chalu krna jaise history geography ethics esa
    or kuchh bhi start karo is tarah se jisse dono medium ko labh ho

  • Ashu Punia

    Hello sir,I have been thinking to write you for a long time, I am Ashu , first thanks for your every effort for us. i have been following you since october last year and never miss a single news analysis.. its like now my habit to listen to news from you rather than reading news paper.

    sir I am writing you to convey a massage, sir can you also make videos on indian rivers and all geographical aspects ??

    Is there any way to get guidance on my optional ? which is sociology.

    and please keep on doing this sacred job and i promise you will reach to the heights of your Aim.

    please give me guidance my id is- [email protected]

  • showkat

    sir, where ever u think,plz add your quotes both in editorial and news discussion as it will make our answer writing strong and sound and will reflect our thought brightly.your quotes are some times very meaningful.thankz

  • Pruthvi Raj

    sir when will you start the world history lecture ?? please start it soon just waiting for it

    • Pruthvi Raj

      We are planning for a very comprehensive coaching notes on indian modern history which consist of 30 chapter covering imp points from 4 books wic will be really helpfull . be in touch .
      thank you .

  • supath mohile

    Sir I would like to give one suggestion.
    You are asking some questions during the PPT thats superb thing but we have to download our duplication of effort first time during the Video PPT and second time normal PPT.
    So I have one suggestion is that kindly include extra PPT end of of the Lecture so we can go at last PPT & can see Answers easily without cost of more expensive Internate Data.
    Hope you will be understand.

  • supath mohile

    And I don’t know who you are but you are taking so much Good Blessings from all our Indian civil services Aspirations. Wish You all the best

  • kira

    sir questions ke answer pdf mei bhi likh diya karo kyoki…. kyoki exam time pr pdf dekh hi revision karna hai …

  • santosh

    Sir you work is very good for us. We watch your youtube lectures of The hindu daily.But sir your lectures is day wise editorial and issues based,but sir please you also provide us which issues which news connect to syllabus gs I,II,III,IV and other subject with THE TITTLE OF SYLLABUS then we make topic wise would also type point in the syllabus on news or editorial. please sir……….

  • Abhishek

    Sir with all due respect i want to suggest something, and please forgive me if i am wrong.
    Sir jo schemes discuss ho rhe hai usme se kuch bahut purane hai. some of them have been merged into others or some have lost significance. As we have seen in 2016 paper all schemes were related to recent announcements like stand up India, Ujjala Yojana, Mudra yojana.

  • shivam gupta

    First of all,a ton of thanks for all of your dedicated time bound efforts.

    Well,if possible,please take 1-2 topics Ethics based from newspaper where focus is primarily on events related to ethics syllabus keyterms(Probity in Public life,Corporate Governance,Emotional intelligence etc) rather than making synopsis on key terms.

    As this would help us in quoting current news examples in case studies as wellas theory questions of paper 4!

    Hope the above opinion would find a little space in your video part. Again thanks for your valuable time and consideration.

  • Old Monk

    One thing which i think u have done wrong is that you have discussed maps n schemes n organizations in news discussion only, even i felt this yesterday when i recommended your channel to one of my juniors. I told my junior that you have explained everything like all above mentioned things. When he searched your videos he had to watch your all news discussion and then all schemes and all and he’s going to appear for exam in 2019. So your one viewer left with that disappointment. So its request make 3rd video with same info, add other playlist to your channel. it will be good for us as well to revise everything fast…….. Think!

    • Maggie007

      2 log kam kare ya 1000 output utnahi milta.. Agar 1 acre ke kheti mai se 1 cr ka fayada milta hai toh wo 10 log kare ya 100 fayda 1 cr ka hi hoga.. toh agar 100 log kar rahe hai toh 90 log technicaly unemployed hai.. kyunki unke kam se extra fayda nahi ho raha

  • Maggie007

    Ek doubt hai sir .. 16th feb ka electrol reforms wala article… sir agar koi bank mai se 2500 cr ke bonds kharide ga toh banks mai atlst itna toh note kiya jayega na ki this this company bought bonds of 2500 cr. toh income tax wale bass electrol bonds jo itane jyada amount ke hai uspe najar nahi rakh sakegi kya? bass electrol bonds ka data pe najar rakhe income tax wale aise pravdhan nahi hai kya ?

  • Mihir

    Black money
    the grudge of people was at its height
    when one by one scam came into cognisance. scam, corruption, tax evasion,
    transgression all these led to form black
    money and it is among myriad outcome
    of liberalisation. scaptic politician glibly
    favoured electoral reform, demonetisation and now electoral funding to curb black
    money. only political patronage will not
    suffice to obviate this, we need to inculcate the moral values in ourselves otherwise Innocuous suffering Will be the quad pro quo of our somnolence. let us we together frame propitious climate for prosperous future…-:)

  • Sunriser

    Sir, please change font type today’s onward….taday font type in news discussion is not attractive. ..please make it like editorial discussion (23 FEB)

  • Varun

    Sir i have a question. This is going to be my first attempt. I am not enjoying reading hindu editorials. Whenever i watch your video first and then reading the editorial then i am understanding the key points but when i try to read the articles first then some words are really difficult to understand. So i watch your videos to understand. I wanna ask is this a common problem for new guys? This is happening from past 3 months. When i see your videos i find u are undersatnding the core motive of ediyorials effortlessly.. how is it possible? My english is also decent. Please help me.. what to do?

  • Akshay

    Sir sir plzz wo news and editorial discussion aap karna…Aaj koi aur kar raha tha news discussion to kuch nahi samaz nahi aa raha tha……plzzzzzzzz it’s request…


    Paras sir you continue please,you explain well and we are comfortable, this is not time to stop any initiatives of only ias, because it has incorporated in our schedule, and you guys are awesome, we expecting more from only ias group, NAMASTEY

  • Naresh Kumar Sharma

    sir plz continue pre focused news discussion both of you are doing well it is much better to carry on it in the absence of first mentor we should thankful your trying to continue even in other situations
    who don’t like second mentor they should not watch but others are equally interested as before

  • sandeep yadav

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    its would be great agar aap thoda apni awaj tez rakhe …thank you

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    and offcourse, we miss u haryanvi sir. U have become an integral part of our journey. All the best to you 🙂

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    Please continue with the economic survey series. I would have wondered around whole of the internet but i couldnt find any source better than you were in explaining the survey 2016-17.Please donot skip that portion.

    Hope you will consider my request.
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    Nd best part about new videos of news discussion is it’s Science and tech part..Thanku so much sir fr this initiative, u r doing fabulous job 🙂

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    1.Put some energy in the lecture
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    2.Vital text highlight +Infographics and images -another big edge to easy comprehend without much strain.

    PS: It’s good to see u’re approaching our beloved admin!

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    Aur AAP Jo b paras Rahe ho…No issue but ek request he… Please koi b issue ka background bataa Dia karo aur Apne aavaj me ek energy Rakho….Baki sab kuchhhh thikk h….

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    Sir please keep discussing news. It’s very useful. There is one request- as The Hindu has changed the format , it takes too much time to read on Sunday around 42 pages.please make the news discussion video of Sunday If it is possible. Thank you so much sir for everything

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    And friend another thing is that you are going very well with nice improvement………Bass ek request hai….
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    • wolverine

      Bro, you are right, its not sun-sync, it is geo-stationary meteorological satellite,i guess they misplaced INSAT 3d in their list of sun sync satellite.

  • rahul soni

    INSAT 3d is not in sunsynschronous orbit you are wrong and plz do check it again nd let me clear my confusion plzzz

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    I graduated in Engg. and just completed with my PGDM (post graduation diploma in management) but not yet got the certificate from my college to prove the same so what should i put in my education space degree in Engg. or graduate in management (don’t have certificate) while filling my UPSC application

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    I am saying this because it seems like we are shifting away from the news discussion and are focusing upon the static part. You can also start a new web-series where we can access your lectures if making a 40 minutes video is difficult for you. But just try to keep the news discussion healthy.
    Also, I just want to remind you to keep a tab on PIB. There are no good news, I know, it’s just a reminder nothing else. 🙂
    I am sorry but I am unable to find the news from the last page of Hindu in your discussion, Do you put it in the discussions too? If you do then please don’t mind, It might have skipped my mind. I am asking because last year UPSC asked 4 questions from the news occurring on the last page.
    And I am just giving you constructive criticism because I think that they might help you to be better. Otherwise, I am one of your regulars and I find your videos very informative, keep up the good work. 🙂

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    1) R&D pe india kitna kharcha karta hai.. alrdy humane ek news padhi thi india ki R&D karne wali company band hui , parso bhi ek news thi ki russia ke sath defence sector mai jo apna tha uska ek branch band hua….so people have good opportunites in US apane knwoledge ko use karne ka..

    2)aaj bhi apan generic drugs pe hi kam karte wo alag bat hai ki isase jo developing or poor countries hai unko help hoti hai.. but isme bhi R&D ko dekho ye bhi kam hai.

    3)ISRO ka dekho.. Paras sir hamesha kehte isro ko kam paise milte, fir bhi doing great.. Ab NASA wale achi help kar rahe hai ,paise de rahe hai… reaserch ke liye kyu nahi koi waha jayega.. after all scientist ko discovery se matlab hoga.. like hume IAS banane se hai hume kisi jat pat political party ka kuch nahi hai…

    4) education pe india kitana kharcha karta hai india? bahar wale tumhe padhne ki chah hai isliye bhi admission dete.. Eg A gal malvika joshi got an invitation from MIT.. itane sare colleges bass paise kamane k liye khole jate.. same with syllabus..yahape toh 4-5 sarkare badli but syllabus mai badlav nahi. . padhaya aise jayega den R&D wale ideas ayenge kya. jaha samaj ka garib section ko upper le ane ke liye free education ki bat hoti wo Govt schoole mai kaise padhaya jata hai.? we all know.

    5)scholarship ka issue hai… rohit vemula ka issue dekho uska political angle choda toh
    basic tha ki scholerships nahi milti ya late hoti hai..

    6)consilidated funds se jo allocate hua hai wo bhi use nahi hota.. fir march rush..

    7)public health pe waha kitana dhyan diya jata hai…

    8)humare pe hamesha criticism hota ki projects mai deri hoti waha waise nahi hai.. land aquisition ko prob, itane sare laws..

    9)standard of living acha hai..

    bahot schemes hai bass wo output oriented way mai implement ki jani chahiye. Fir wo din dur nahi ki hum bhi developed mai se ek honge..

    these are just points.. not a criticism.. i know we cant write these points as it is ..modify karke use kar sakte

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    I am a huge fan of your initiative. I religiously follow your videos for daily basis news coverage and for revision purposes. Due to lack of time, I solely follow your lectures.

    It’s a humble request that, kindly include maps and images in the news discussion (which I have felt to be reduced these day). Since images and maps helps us a lot in better clarification and retention. Please try to cover all the news even if it extends the lecture for 10 extra minutes. Since, many students like us totally rely on your wonderful lectures for Current affairs.

    I understand the burden on you people and respect your firm determination to help others. So, I can only anticipate that you guys will consider the issues that have been mentioned above.

    Thanks & Regards.

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    Pls. keep up the good work & I shall try to do my bit whenever possible.

    Thanks You & Best wishes

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    Sir aap apna PT based approach badhaiye na plzzz….. isk pahle jo sir discuss karte the unka PT approach kafi accha tha.

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    Sir ,environment plays a vital role in prelims as well as in mains but it becomes little difficult for non science students..Kindly I request you to cover static as well as contemporary topics of environment…This is my request on behalf of non science background students, Your way of teaching is awesome sir..Thank you so much…

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    PRAKAMPANA MEANS 1)wind, air and 2)great trembling, violent or excessive motion ,


    Sir hm log PT-2017 k liye yadi April 2017 tak ke Current Afairs hi complete karen to koi problem to ni?

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    before 18 may try covering A&C and rmaining part of sci & tech.. and uske bad kya aap main main book ka revision karva doge sir? like 5-5 days mai ek book like 5 din mai Laxmikant khatam kar diya ramesh sing khatam kiya.. history and geo toh badi book ho jayegi uska aap dekh lo hosake toh kijiye

  • kaushki nanda

    sir please guide on how to deal with art and culture…. me jitna bhi kar lu , hamesha bhul jati hu… aur aisa lagta pehly kabhi padha hi na ho… aap experienced ho, so please guide ki art and culture k regarding kaisi approach se padha jaye…

  • kaushki nanda

    thank you sooooo much sir for starting art and culture series as well…. i am following onlyias since december 2016, mere last two attempts mai prelims bhi clear nahi ho paya cos of wrong guidance.. but this time my performance is far better in mock tests. aur is mai bot bada role hai onlyias ka.. if i wud continue working hard, i know is year hum mil kar ias clear karengy sir….

  • Old Monk

    sir section wise gaye toh accha hai.. rather than time wise .. section wise karenge toh difference yad rahega like paintings ka section pakda toh hum yaad kar sakte difference kko dekhake acha harrapan culture mai ye tha aur budhhism wo tha maurya ne ye add kiya.. sidhisi bat hai apan ko pata hai north wale paratha jyada pasand karte south mai idli sambar jhatse difference k vajah se log yaad rehte.. just example tha.. i toh feel so

    • Old Monk


      Is the agreement legally binding?
      Yes. The agreement is considered a “treaty” under international law, but only certain provisions are legally binding. The issue of which provisions to make binding was a central concern for many countries, in particular the United States, which wanted an agreement the president could accept without seeking congressional approval. Meeting that test precluded binding emission targets and new binding financial commitments. The agreement, however, includes binding procedural commitments – such as the requirements to maintain successive NDCs and to report on progress in implementing them.

    • Old Monk

      refrence :

      Is the agreement legally binding?
      Yes. The agreement is considered a “treaty” under international law, but only certain provisions are legally binding. The issue of which provisions to make binding was a central concern for many countries, in particular the United States, which wanted an agreement the president could accept without seeking congressional approval. Meeting that test precluded binding emission targets and new binding financial commitments. The agreement, however, includes binding procedural commitments – such as the requirements to maintain successive NDCs and to report on progress in implementing them.

  • Old Monk

    art and culture ke slide mai atlst hand wrriten notes daldo sir.. kuch words samaj nahi ate …aise slide banane mai time bhi nahi jayega plus main main points samaj bhi ayenge aur revise karte time link milega ki han ye explain kiya tha and al..

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    @Admin:The indispensable part from the very start is to deal with contemporary affairs(Editorial+News) and everything else is secondary or if time permits.
    But now,you’re targeting on Secondary part prior to news Discussion.
    In brief,there’re many other sources to cover static resources therefore if time allow then only discuss static part but not at the expense of Contemporary.

    Thanks giving for your valuable time and consideration

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    Jo sir editorial discuss karte he kripya unse kuch perfectly he explains each and every details and put his efforts..

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    haryanvi sir whn r u going to cover th ES & budget? or ranjit sir aap karo par karo..

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    It’s imp not only for pre but also provide context to Editorials

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    With all due respect, from now onwards if you will not make editorials videos, it is fine…Instead of that focus on Current affair revision, some static and some extra questions from test series which you came across.(insights, vision, forumias)….So that we can extra edge…
    e.g. – Dirty Dozens – 12 persistent organic pollutants listed under stockholm convention…

    Thank you Sir…

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    I am the hard core follower wrt news
    sir this year I gave prelims 2017 I had scored around 92 in p1 . I will be out this time 🙁
    I had followed onlyias news for ma first attempt .plus vision CA but could not revise onlyias discussions…please I request you sir to provide the monthly compilations of what you discuss in prelims booster …
    and one more request is you stopped the revison for editorials..please continue the same…….

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    Sir many times I think why we follow Hindu although it strictly opposes the central government.And generally they give heading that is different and anti government in most of the cases.I am reading it from 1.5 yr And have experience of other newspaper a little bit.Can we do indian express?For example Heading of Hindu after economic survey volume 2 ,news related to SC judgement which is critical to government and probably on the regular basis.And UPSC requires holistic picture.Please sir express your views on this matter.I am following this channel more than a year . Thanks,Jai hind.

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    Hello Sir,

    Thank for all u r doing for us.

    it would be a great help if u can make videos of all the govt. bodies which comes under different ministries (e.g. CAG, NHRC etc.) which are important for UPSC so that it can be easily revised through one or two videos.

    Good things about your videos is that they are very compact and small to watch not exhaustive like other online videos. And of course you have good voice.

    Please provide an e-mail id of yours if possible.

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